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PowerTek offers a variety of Log Splitters, Stump Grinders, and Wood Chippers to suite the needs of todays Industry. At PowerTek we design our products for heavy duty commercial use, while maintianing a cost that is affordable to our residential users.

Our Stump Grinders, Log Splitters, and Wood Chippers at PowerTek are engineered for the toughest jobs, but offered at The Best Value Period, so that anyone can take advantage of these quality machines.

Have a mess after that big storm?

Clean up those branches quick and easy with a PowerTek Wood Chipper!

Tired of Splitting Wood by Hand?

Save your Back, Split it with a PowerTek Log Splitter!

Or don’t want to mow around that Stump anymore?

Grind it up with a PowerTek Stump Grinder!